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Step 1

Rails are heated in a reheated furnace to about 2300°.

Step 2

Using a transfer conveyor, they are transferred to the Mill building.

Step 3

Rail then passes through series of rolling stands, where it gets formed into a customer-required shape (such as T-post, Bed Angle and rebar) .

Step 4

Long-length shaped products from the mill are transferred to the cooling
bed via a series of conveyors.

Step 5

Long-length products are sheared to customer-specified lengths after going through series of quality checks.

Step 6

Cut to length T-posts are finished by bradding and painting them at the automated paint line.

Step 7

After painting, the posts pass through drying furnace and proceed to final tip-painting process.

Step 8

Posts pass over the mono-rail to the off-loading station, where they are stacked into final sub-bundles and finished bundles.

Step 9

Bundles of posts are loaded onto the truck from the storage yard.

Step 10

Loaded trucks are weighed at the DOA certified truck-scale.