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W. Silver, Inc. is focused on servicing every facet of your business. Please scroll down to the appropriate department and let us know how we can assist you.



Responsible for managing the resources devoted to the production and delivery of products and services maximizing safety, quality and efficiency. Achieving it takes a team effort! We have the right people, with all the skills, experience, can do attitude and pride in our work to get it done. Throughout the process, we place safety first.

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The Accounting Department is responsible for the company’s day-to-day finance activities to include Receivables, Payables, Pay roll, Information Technologies and Treasury Services.  For specific inquiries, please contact us at:

  • Accounts Payable – (915) 886-3553 ext 109
  • Accounts Receivable – (915) 886-3553 ext 113
  • Payroll – (915)886-3553 ext 120
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Welcome to the HR Department. W. Silver, Inc. is an equal opportunity employer. Our people come from many diverse work and life experiences.  We offer competitive pay and benefits, an exciting work atmosphere where you can make a difference!

If you are interested in employment please forward your resume and letter of interest to:


W. Silver Inc.
Attention Cristina Jarrell
P.O. BOX 12904
El Paso, TX 79913

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W. Silver Inc. has in the field Market Managers who understand your business, your customers and your marketplace and can be at your location to support your business on short notice most any day. Supporting those professions in the field is an experienced Customer Relations department willing and able to answer any and all questions regarding order placement or shipping status with fast and friendly service. Give us a call or email us, whichever is most convenient and we will quickly reply to meet your needs.

Pauline Alvarado Customer Service Representative
915-217-2928  email: PaulineAlvarado@WSilverinc.com

Vanessa Chacon Customer Service Representative
915-886-3983  email:  vanessac@wsilverinc.com


Market Managers

imagePete Seaman National Sales Manager
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Cell- 916-765-9353 email: pete@wsilverinc.com

W. Silver INC Jim CooleyJim Cooley Southern Regional Account Manager
View Map ) blue shaded region
Cell- 915-309-5845 email: jim@wsilverinc.com

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All WSI products are manufactured in the U.S.A. from 100% rail steel. WSI uses scrap rail from used rail road tracks as our only raw material. The rails are sorted by size, prepared and cut to specific length at our on-site Yard facility.

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After receiving the rails from the Yard department, our rails are heated in a reheat furnace to more than 2300ºF to prepare them for slitting. After reheating, the rails are processed into finished hot rolled sections in the Mill by slitting, head, web, and base of the rails and routing them to a series of mill stands where hot rail sections are progressively reduced and shaped into rail steel products. Finally, the rolled products are transferred to our Finishing Department for any additional processing, storage and shipment to our customers.

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At our finishing department our rolled products are finished into studded steel T-posts for the farm, ranch and vineyard industries; angle steel use for a variety of applications such as bed frame manufacturing industry; and rebar for paving applications. We have punching, painting and fabrication capabilities.

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Green Initiatives

As an organization, W. Silver Inc., recognizes its responsibility towards the environment. The process of converting rail into finished goods is at the heart of its green initiatives. Even a by-product of the rolling process, such as scale, is carefully segregated and sold to other companies to be used as an aggregate for concrete making. Other highlights are:

  • Timer-activated building lights. Usage of natural light via skylights
  • Interlocks in the process that shut off conveyors when the other machines in  the line are not operational
  • Continuous improvement in increasing the power factor of the electrical     usage to maximize efficient usage of electrical power
  • Thorough segregation of process waste such as used oil, grease, oily rags and gloves, which are then disposed off to a local vendor who perform further segregation and disposal
  • Printing is discouraged and communication through electronic media is promoted strongly
  • Recycling program for trash is in the works, wherein waste will be sorted as per guidelines from local utility company
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Spectrometer - At W Silver Inc. we ensure that only the rail steel with the highest quality is used for our products.

Exploranium Radiation Detection System - All incoming loads are inspected to ensure that they do not contain any radioactive material

DOA Certificated Scale - All our shipping scales are DOA certified

Hardness, Tensile & Bend Testing - Our fence post 1.33 spec products comply with ASTM A702 standards

Paint Viscosity and Thickness Test

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