A long Proud History


William Silver founded W. Silver, Inc. In 1969 as a recycling yard. W.Silver, Inc. began re-rolling steel in 1975 at its present location in Vinton, Texas 10 miles west of El Paso alongside the Rio Grande River.

W. Silver, Inc. a is steel re-rolling mill specializing in the manufacture of high quality steel products. Our products include: studded steel T-posts for the farm and ranch market, Grape Stakes for the Vineyard Industry, Angle Steel for the bed frame industry and both lightweight and heavyweight T-posts for the Erosion Control marketplace.


imageW. Silver Inc.. re-rolls various weights of used railroad rails into products that start a new life in the farm, fields and homes across America.   Our products are frequently used as steel T-posts at farms, vineyards, olive orchards and raisin farms, which means that W. Silver Inc. literally supports the fruits of USA labor.  The agricultural market in particular prefers our re-rolled steel because of the increased carbon content – it makes our product superior to others that are used in similar applications.  Our products are known for their strength, robustness and longevity.

In fact, much of the vineyard industry prefers our trellis supporting products because of their long life span.  Our re-rolled rail post is the preferred T-post of the largest growers in the Vineyard Industry – and we’re pretty darn proud of that.


Just click on the “contact” button to the left to email one of our Customer Service personnel to find out how W. Silver Inc. products can begin their new life at your farm, field, or factory.  Or, call toll free to speak to a live person during normal business hours (8 a.m. -5 p.m. Mountain Standard Time).  Dial 1-877-246-3553 then enter #2 and we can share the benefits of re-rolled steel products for your application. 

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