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W.Silver INC Rolling Mills, Steel T-Post,

Privately owned and operated for over 43 years in El Paso County, Texas. All of W.Silver, Inc products are proudly made in the USA out of 100% rail steel.

Rail Road Steel-solid steel – that’s our product, plain and simple. 
The steel which built our country.  It’s the steel that our grandparents, our parents, our generation, and all future generations have come to count on each and every day of their lives. It’s the steel that’s made in America, by Americans, for Americans.

For more than three generations, we here at W. Silver Inc., have used rail steel to fabricate the products you need, and then we paint them, package them, and ship them to your farm, factory or vineyard.

And because we are active participants in the environmentally-friendly process of reduce, reuse, recycle, we are the greenest rolled steel product you will find on the market today.  Every portion of our process is recycled in various forms from rail crops (end pieces containing holes) to our production scrap, our mill scale, our used saw blades- everything  is sold and meltdown for products you and your family may use every day. 

In short, we’ve been there, done it, and will continue to do it… so if you need products that will last for years, particularly those made with top-quality, American-made rolled steel, you’ve landed at the right website.  Check out our product line and you’ll see how pieces of American history can have new life in your Farm, Factory or Vineyard.

After all, 100 percent of our products are made from 100 percent American rail steel.


  • Farm and Ranch T post
  • Vineyard Grape stakes
  • Erosion Control T post
  • Steel Angle

Our Mission

Our Vision, To profitably grow our business through providing our customers with quality products, real value, and premium service

Our Mission, To provide perfect quality products, services, and solutions that create value for our customers, employees, and owners.

Our Values,

  • Provide a safe environment to our employees
  • Make our customers the focus of everything we do
  • Recognize our people as our greatest asset by creating an environment that attracts, retains, and respects every individual regardless of our difference
  • Be considerate of the environment and our communities
  • Keep our commitments
  • Systematically do things better

W.Silver INC Rolling Mills, Steel T-Post,
Be considerate of the environment and our communities
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